Welcome to Digital Production class.

Course Description– This class covers the basics of audio production and video production to comply with current industry standards.

Why should you care about Digital Production?
You watch movies and various video clips on social media and wonder how they are produced.
This class is designed to equip you with the basic knowledge of video making, film production
and visual storytelling.

Digital Production is a skills-based course designed to introduce students to the production
of professional video making. During the semester, we will engage with storytelling, including
shooting and editing techniques for multiplatform and broadcast video. This class will include
outside class assignments, watching videos and tutorials, reading and writing.

1. Create videos that demonstrate an understanding of the techniques and fundamentals of
storytelling and working on deadline (Application).
2. Apply basic skills of video production (Foundational Knowledge and Integration).
3. Take an active role in learning, including evaluating and revising work based on
constructive feedback (Human dimension and Caring).
4. Engage and reflect on diverse roles involved in journalism and visual storytelling,
including producing, directing, scripting and editing, (Factual Knowledge and Learning
how to Learn).
5. Develop a professional brand by building an electronic portfolio (Learning to Learn).

Required Materials
Author: Jim Foust, Edward J Fink, Lynne Gross
Title: Video Production Disciplines & Techniques (12th edition)
ISBN: 9781138051812
Publisher Name: Routledge
Estimated Cost: $79.95 ($60.00 used)

Recommended Materials
Author: Maxim Jago
Title: Adobe Prem Pro CC Classroom in a Book (w/DVD)(2018 Release)
ISBN: 9780134853239
Publisher Name: Routledge
Estimated Cost: $59.99 ($45.00 used)


a. Quizzes (120 pts)- Every week a textbook chapter is assigned, you will get a short
quiz based on the chapters and content for the week. You would be assigned 6
quizzes which may be a mix of multiple choice, fill in the blanks, essays, short
answers and definitions. Each quiz is worth 20 points.

b. Reflection papers (150pts)- Each week, a reflection paper will be assigned. You
would be assigned a total of 10. Students may be asked to reflect on what they have
learned in the week, including textbook readings, practical works, best practices and
self-learning. You may also be asked to watch a video and write a reflection on it.
Each student is required to submit their reflections to Black Board to be graded. This
should be about half a page to one page. This activity would process your thoughts
about your learning and synthesize information

c. Cast and Crew Presentation (50pts)- Each group will research on and present
about assigned production cast and crew members, their roles, importance,
department as well as how they function in each production phase.

d. Final Project (120pts)- This should be any project of your choice
Think of an interesting idea for your final project. It could be a feature story or
documentary, an instructional video, an advertisement, or a music video (you must
have the rights to the music). Your final project should be 3-5 minutes long (PSA or
advertisements must be 60 seconds long). You will be assessed based on the story
structure, shot composition, variation in shots, exposure, shot stability, shot
movement, audio quality, editing and lighting quality. Most times, for a start, it is
good practice to watch video examples and attempt to copy it. With regular practice,
you build your skills and creativity. Do not be afraid to try new things. Dr. Akinro
would be available to give feedback before the due date.

• Proposal (30pts)- The proposal should include;
1. The tentative title?
2. Describe the idea providing background information?
3. Why you think it is important and why people would be interested?
4. What equipment and tools will you use?
5. Would actors be involved?
6. Make a tentative schedule of your production timeline.

• Outline Script (50pts)- Using a 3 part/act structure, you would create an outline script.
The script should provide a vivid description of the make up of the first, second and third
parts of your video project. While your final project may deviate slightly from your script,
this would provide you with a good idea of what your project would look like.

• Final project presentation and evaluation (40pts)- For presentation, you would
discuss your production process, challenges and strengths and lessons learned before
showing your video (30). Please dress professionally as we would have external
reviewers for the presentation. Also, be sure that your project is completed before the
day of showing. You would lose your turn to present if you are called on and not ready.
Each student will also give anonymous peer assessments during presentation for each
presenter (10pts).

e. Participation and Attendance (150pts)-Participation grades include music video,
narrative food making video, shots and movement video, documentary, contributing
to class discussions, surveys, course rating and any other activity not listed above.
Punctuality to all weekly classes is recommended.

f. Electronic portfolio (20pts)-Create an electronic portfolio on Word Press at the
beginning of the semester and upload your work as the semester progresses. You
will upload your media consumption journal, News analysis activity and final
perspective research paper and video.