Research Goals

Examined the changes in technology access as direct impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on student learning and retention.

Research Focus

  • Determine changes in student technology use and access.
  • Access the impact of the Coronavirus on student access.
  • Explore remedies for mitigation.


Adopted survey methodology, longitudinal analysis, observation and faculty interviews.

  • Phase 1: Created surveys administered bi-annually over three years period (n=400).
  • Phase 2: Collected observations.
  • Phase 3: Interviewed faculties (n=5) in direct contact with students.
  • Phase 4: Data analysis, reporting and recommendation.


  • Strong difference in student engagement in the years prior to the Coronavirus pandemic and the years of.
  • Students expressed frustration and inability to comprehend content.
  • Faculty expressed stress, but accessed free options available at the time.


  • High stressor period and a lack of technolgy access has a high impact in student engagement and retention.

Next Step

  • Suggestions from the study led to the equipping of new computer labs.
  • Remote technology access.
  • Continuous work in progress.


Higher education, student retention, coronavirus pandemic, technology access.

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