Research Goals

Examined the dynamics of music, social media, and politics. Considered music as a tool
to convey political messages and argues that political parties use music to spread positive narratives of
their accomplishments to promote themselves and their flag-bearers while using negative narratives to
vilify and attempt to delegitimize their opponents.

Photo source: Wendy Wei (Pexels)

Research Focus

  • Evaluate the elements of political confrontation relayed through Change Blues and The Truth Blues, both viral political satires.
  • Consider the strategies used in these two as attempts to sway public opinion.
  • Explore public relations strategies for impression management from political perspectives.


Adopted Framing analysis and discourse analysis to examine the song lyrics.

  • Phase 1: Conduct social media analysis related to the songs.
  • Phase 2: Scraped user perception content.
  • Phase 3: Examined and categorized themes (Grounded theory approach).
  • Phase 4: Data analysis, reporting and recommendation.

Comparative Analysis

  • Exploration and deep dive was conducted between the two songs and audience social media engagement.


  • Strong emphasis on corruption in Nigeria and ways in which the political parties attempted
  • Lyrics, visuals mirror the reality of the common man, but engagement strategies are different.
  • Songs were used to encourage political participation and for political party image management.


  • Music is used to initiate social immediacy and increase audience engagement.

Next Step

  • Consider a longitudinal image management strategies using music to encourage political participation.


Public relations, social participation, audience engagement, social media, image branding.

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