Research Goals

Examined user needs for a B2C application and conducted market research for go or no go.

Research Focus

  • Determine economic viability to invest in a B2C application.
  • Determine user needs, competition.
  • Make recommendations for app features.
  • Potential vendor exploration.


Phase 1: Conducted market overview, segmentation, size and trend drivers.

Phase 2: Created and rolled out surveys n=2k.

Phase 3: Accessed economic growth statistics, income flow, demographics and completed competititor (n=8) and SWOT analysis.


  • Data supported a go for app launch.
  • Insights evidenced suggestions for interesting marketing approaches and app features.

Next Step

  • Suggestions for product launch in collaboration with vendors, contract negotiation, led to wireframe designs and mock ups.
  • App design in progress.

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